​​Lindsay’s Law
Lindsay's law places a new set of requirements on parents/guardians, athletes, and coaches. You will need to view the video below, read the handout, and sign the required form (parents/guardians/AND PLAYERS per the State Of Ohio) in order to compete in this tournament.

Parents/guardians and youth athletes:

Required video
Required SCA Handout


Required video
Required SCA Handout


GotSoccer Upload Registration Process only!

We will be utilizing an upload registration process only.  Be sure to follow the instructions for team registration listed below.  Please download the Registration Instructions and supporting documents under the Team Registration Documents section. Be sure that you include all the necessary forms which can be found in our detailed instructions document.

  • All teams must upload all registration information to GotSoccer, no mailed or emailed packets accepted

  • For girls weekend, upload all necessary documents by Friday, April 3, 2020

  • For boys weekend, upload all necessary documents by Friday, April 3, 2020

Team Registration Documents

Some documents will be created by you, however, some you will need to download. Below are listed some of supporting documents for registration.

  • Club Ohio Tournament Registration Instructions
  • Concussion Diagnosis Release Team Signature Form (signed by all parents/guardians for each player, including guest players, ALL TEAMS COMPLETE)
  • Lindsay's Law (signed by all parents/guardians for each player, including guest players . Canadian, US CLUB AND USYSA TEAMS ONLY
  • Individual Medical Release Form for each player (if you do not have one of your own already)
  • Coaches Concussion Certificates (Canadian, US CLUB AND USYSA TEAMS ONLY) must be provided in the submitted registration documentation for all coaches & the date must be within 3 years of the tournament date to be valid
  • Permission to travel - You contact the State organization that you are carded through, Ohio North, NY West, PA west, or a province, etc.  A travel permit is not needed for teams carded US club.  

If you do not have a concussion certificate, please visit these online courses to earn one:

Verification of Documents
  1. You will ONLY get an email if any of your documents are missing
  2. To verify your documents were received
    1. Log in to your team account on GotSoccer
    2. Go to your Documents Tab
    3. You will have a green check mark and it will say "verified" next to each document checked

If you have any questions about this, contact: